new residential

dolphin drive

This 2,500 sq. ft. timeless Pacific Northwest home includes a 450 square foot basement and a 2-car
carport with storage. Adjacent to it is a 900 square foot, 2-bedroom ADU cottage with 600 square feet
of storage/office area above and a large carport.

The house was completely framed from Douglas Fir trees milled on site with a mobile sawmill. Fir studs,
beams, rafters, flooring and trim were generated from 33 trees, the largest of which measured 40” in
diameter. Roof rafters were site-milled to lengths of over 22’, to provide the unique roof configuration,
the slope of which tapers from a 16:12 pitch to an 8:12 pitch from east to west.

Designed as a passive solar structure with in-floor radiant heating and large south-facing windows, the
home uses natural convection to circulate sun-warmed air to the second floor, even in the winter. On
sunny days, interior temperatures reach 70 degrees without the use of the in-floor radiant system. The
large south-facing vertical grain fir windows also provide stunning views of the extensive landscaped


Patio doors in the dining room open up onto a multi-level deck and lush gardens with raised beds,
perennial herbs, berry bushes, fruit trees, and wine grapevines. A fire pit area with filtered views of the
Olympic Mountains completes the park-like setting.
Inside, vertical grain fir was used throughout, including doors, cabinets, built-in bookcases and stairs.

Slate floors, quartz counters and decorative glass tile provide warm accents to the fir. The master
bathroom has a curbless tiled shower, making access seamless. Light fixtures were selected for energy
efficiency; all contain LED bulbs and are dimmable. A programmable thermostat and heat recovery in
the boiler system add to the sustainable features of the home.

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